The Pastoral System

Our pastoral system uses the traditional horizontal system where students are placed in tutor groups with students from the same year group. The size of the cohort will determine how many tutor groups there are in each year group.

The system allows students to benefit from sharing experiences with children of their own age with age specific tutor time. Students will have a tutor who will move through the years with their tutor group, watching them grow and progress together. Strong relationships can be formed between students, parents/carers and tutors.Tutors take pride in their role and strive for the highest possible standards with their tutor group. They will support students in ensuring that they are familiar with school rules and responsibilities.

Each year group is cared for by a Head of Year who support the tutor teams and ensure consistency, whilst having an overview of all aspects of pastoral care across the year group.

Students will also be assigned to a House. There is a strong House identity in the school and students will have the opportunity to represent their House during key events and competitions during the year.

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Pastoral Team

The Pastoral team plays a key role in supporting the whole child. The Pastoral team includes:

  • Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour, Pastoral Care and Welfare
  • Head of Year

In addition to this we also have a:

  • Behaviour and Engagement Mentor
  • Safeguarding Officer and Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead
  • Attendance Officer.

The Pastoral Team are suitably trained in dealing with a range of mental health and wellbeing issues. They are also the driving force around the work we do towards anti-bullying, anti-racism and any form of peer on peer abuse. The school invests heavily in this area to ensure that we strive to meet the needs of all students ‘in-house’ with the understanding that, due to high number of referrals to outside agencies, access to appropriate support can often be lengthy process.

The Pastoral team are able to signpost students to the appropriate in-school support and self-help resources, including Kooth and Happy OK Sad, in addition to the work carried out by form tutors and work carried out within the assembly schedule.  This forms one aspect of our approach to supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing.

We believe that happy, healthy, resilient and confident students are more likely to achieve more, both academically and in their personal life. We ensure that we have structures and systems in place to achieve both of these things for our students. The foundations of our model are our school ethos, safeguarding of all, ensuring staff wellbeing and the appropriate training of staff.

Bullying, racism and peer on peer abuse

Abuse of any form will not be tolerated at our school and we will deal with it quickly and effectively if it occurs. Our school strives to create an environment where children feel safe and supported.

The school aims to:

  • Reduce and prevent any form of abuse in our school
  • Deal effectively with incidents if and when they do occur
  • Education all students through our personal development programme
  • Support victims of abuse
  • Ensure proportionate sanctions for the aggressor
  • Promote tolerance and fairness for all
  • Ensure all students are safe in school