Mobile phones

Mobile phones, iPods and headphones are not allowed to be used or seen in the school building or on site during the school day.

  • On entry to the school building, mobile phones, headphones or other electronic devices must be switched off and put in a school bag.
  • Mobile phones and headphones should not be visible on a student. They are to remain in bags.
  • Mobile phones will not be allowed to be used in lessons for research, or as a calculator or for telling the time. Students are not allowed to use mobiles as calculators in examinations and they need to have their own scientific calculator for this purpose.
  • Mobile phones and headphones are not allowed to be switched on/used until students have left the school site at the end of the school day.
  • In an emergency, please contact the school office and we will send a message to your child.
  • Mobile phones or headphones seen in the building or outside during school time will be confiscated.
  • Students will be able to collect the item at the end of the school day from the C3 room.

Where there are on-going concerns regarding the use of mobile phones, we will be escalating the sanctions. If a student has their phone confiscated from them on more than one occasion, arrangements will be made for the student to hand their mobile phone in to staff upon their arrival, each day, for one week. If this is to be the case for your child, we will contact you prior to ensure they are fully aware of plans, with your support needed in ensuring that your child knows and understands the rules.