The School Day

KS3 students will line up in their designated Tutor group lines between the Ball Hall and School. 

Students will have their uniform and equipment checked on arrival to school. Any issues will be dealt with before they get to Form. Please make sure that your child arrives to school every day with a fully stocked pencil case, scientific calculator, reading book and Independent Study Pack – ISP (which will have their Knowledge Organisers in). 

The new academic year will begin on Monday 4th of September 2024 and this will be Week 1.

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School is open for 32.5 Hours each week.

The School Day  

  Monday – Thursday Friday
Year 11 arrive at school Year 7-10 arrive at school 8.10


8.50 for all students (later start as staff are in a CPD session)
P0 for Year 11

Form Period Year 7-10





Period 1 8.55-9.55 9.10-10.10
Period 2 9.55-10.55 10.10-11.10
Break 10.55-11.15 11.10-11.25
Period 3 11.15-12.15 11.25-12.25
Period 4 12.15-13.15 12.25-13.25
Lunch 13.15-14.00 13.25-14.00
Period 5 14.00-15.00 14.00-15.00


Lessons are timetabled over a 2-week period; the weeks are called week 1 and week 2 for organisational purposes.