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GCSE Results 2020

We are exceptionally proud of all our Year 11 students at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School. They have emerged from this turbulent time with resilience, dignity and the understanding that they have the tool kit to face any challenge that comes their way.

The class of 2020 have worked hard for the past 5 years and were delighted that the Government decided to go with the grades that the professionals submitted rather than an algorithm which had no understanding of individual young people, their strengths, abilities and commitment to hard work. We are confident that our CAG – Centre Assessment Grade (CAG), which is the school’s professional judgement of the most likely grade a student would have achieved if the examinations had gone ahead, were accurate. The grades we submitted to the exams board were based on a range of evidence including mock exams, non-exam assessment, homework assignments and any other record of student performance over the course of study. As a school within TCAT we had a really robust policy and system in place to ensure there was quality assurance at every level. We had integrity and a moral imperative to do this process correctly.

Our students have performed incredibly well and should be so proud of what they have achieved. Our results have improved and that is what we would have expected as we are an improving school, which is going from strength to strength. Everything that we have put into place over the past few years in terms of improvements in teaching and learning is evident in what the young people are now achieving. The dedication and commitment shown by our Year 11 even in lockdown has been inspirational at times, as they have tried to keep up to date with Careers Education information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) and completing online courses that will help them have an advantage in the next stage of their learning.

Some of our top performers in terms of Attainment were; Michaela Horvath who achieved all Grade 9’s; Melissa Cowling, Hannah Forster, Molly Jones-Phizacklea, Ellie Daniels and Jaden Tellis who all received a suite of 7-9 grades. In terms of Progress our top performers were: Ifyenia Marinos, Elle Cann, Andina Paladza, Rebecca Fellows, Laura Farnworth and Michaela Horvath. There were many more amazing performances and we will be ensuring that everyone is praised for their efforts and achievements.

Our young people are a real credit to our Boteler Family and they know that they will continue to be supported by us. We know and understand that their GCSE results day was not quite how it should be, but we must not lose sight of what they have achieved both academically and personally as young adults. These amazing young people have been with us for 5 years and have overcome many barriers and challenges along the way to achieve great results in a global pandemic. This is something they should be very proud of.

Our High Expectations High Aspirations and High Standards are stronger than ever and something which we have all drawn on to ensure we had clarity over our vision and values, ensuring everything that we were doing was for our young people. Through God, we do care about all our students and take our role very seriously as we are instrumental in enabling them to progress to the next step.

The students will now be able to progress on to the next chapter knowing that they have worked incredibly hard and that we are very proud of them all.

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB