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Cannon Chancellors Award

This year, students of Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School were given the opportunity to enter the Cannon Chancellors Award at Chester Cathedral, the focus being Pilgrimages or special journeys. Year 7 students, who are now in Year 8, were doing a project based on communities and belonging. Following on from this, they studied pilgrimage and Labyrinths. Inspired by the significance and symbolism in labyrinth designs, the students requested to research them further, with the goal of creating one in school. They recognised the value of having a space for reflection and contemplation within the busy school day. The group put a proposal together for their Headteacher, Mrs Beverley Scott-Herron, and presented their ideas. They also worked with the schools Graphic Designer, Miss Alice Roberts, to come up with some suitable designs for their labyrinth, and surveyed the school building for suitable sites. It was agreed the Labyrinth would be built within the school’s Peace Garden. The students are looking forward to work beginning on the creation of the labyrinth and reflection space. To their delight, the group won the Cannon Chancellors Award for their Labyrinth project. This involves a prestigious opportunity to visit Chester Cathedral, which they plan to do as soon as they’re able. Head of RS, Mrs Kate Coleclough, said “It’s fantastic for our work to be recognised within the Diocese. We are so proud to be able to create something for all students and staff to use in school, both now and in the future, that will benefit them and help them take time out in a busy day to reflect and refresh.”
Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB