Transition Q&A

Q: Will we be in separate classes for each subject or just one main class?

A: You will have different classes for each subject. Some classes may have the same students in them and some classes will be different. You will have different teachers and change classrooms for each subject. Your form group will remain the same each year.


Q: If you get into a fight, what happens?

A: It is important that you tell a member of staff what happened. Your Head of Year will collect statements from all involved and ensure it is dealt with according to the school behaviour policy and appropriate sanctions and support will be given.


Q: What happens during form time/registration?

A: During form time you will follow a weekly programme of activities. These include Personal Development, Careers, Numeracy, Literacy and Collective Worship. On a Friday you will have a year group assembly.


Q: Do you automatically get a pen or do you need to work for it?

A: You will be expected to have a pen as part of your school equipment.


Q: Will I be in the same class as my friends?

A: You will be placed in a form group with at least one of your friends however there is no guarantee that your friends will be in all of your classes.


Q: When we first join, will there be somebody there to show us where to go?

A: There are always members of staff on the corridors during break, lunch and lesson change over times. Student prefects and school ambassadors will also be present to help show you around.


Q: What happens at lunch time?

A: During lunch time you can take part in the many Boteler Wider Curriculum lunch time activities. You will also have the opportunity to take part in House challenges to win points for your House. If you prefer you can play Football on the field, Basketball on the playground or just hang out with friends.


Q: Will we have a tour of the school?

A: You will be given a tour of the school when you attend the Year 6 Induction days. You will also have a tour on your first day in September.


Q: Are we allowed to bring our phones?

A: You are allowed to bring your phone to school but it must be switched off and placed in your school bag.


Q: What happens in between classes? Do we have break times?

A: After Period 2 you will have a 15-minute break. After period 4 you will have a 45-minute lunch break. In between lessons you go straight to your next lesson.


Q: Where do we take tests/assessments? How often do we do them?

A: You will take assessments in your classroom and have regular tests through the year to test your knowledge and understanding.


Q: How do you transfer money to pay for lunch/snacks?

A: You can bring money into school and transfer money into your account by using the finger print cash machines located in the canteen and outside the Key Stage 3 toilets. Parents and Careers can also add money to your account by using the I pay app. They will receive log in details.


Q: Do we bring our own books/equipment to classes?

A: It is important that you bring your own stationary to classes. There is an equipment list on the school website to help prepare you for your start. Teachers will provide you with books but we ask that you bring a reading book to school each day.


Q: Will we be allowed to bring in pencil cases?

A: Your stationary must be stored in a pencil case to keep everything safe.


Q: At break time, can we buy snacks?

A: There will be snacks available to buy at break time.


Q: Where do we put our coats/bags? Do we have a locker?

A: There are no lockers. Please make sure you carry your bag and coat around with you.


Q: What do you do if somebody is bullying you?

A: It is important that you tell a member of staff so this can be dealt with immediately. You should never feel unsafe at school and please be assured that we have lots of systems of support in place to make your time here enjoyable.


Q: Do we get to play on the big field? Can we use the ball hall?

A: During break and lunch time you will be able to play on the big field. There will be opportunities where you can use the ball hall for PE and Boteler Wider Curricular lunch time and after school activities.


Q: What homework will we get?

A: Home work will be set on the Satchel one App through Show My Homework. Your subject teachers will tell you in class what your homework is and you can check on line.


Q: Are the teachers stricter than in primary school?

A: At Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School teachers have high expectations and high standards therefore you will have rules to follow to ensure that the school is a safe, calm and productive learning environment.


Q: What sports can we play at lunch time?

A: You can play a variety of sports during lunch time. The PE department have a programme of lunchtime activities on offer.


Q: Are there after school clubs? What are they?

A: After school clubs are advertised on the school website and take place Tuesday- Friday.


Q: What time does school start and end?

A: School starts at 8.25am and finishes at 2.50pm Monday – Thursday. On a Friday School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3pm.


Q: How many form groups are there in each year group?

A: There are 6 form groups in each year group.


Q: How do we come in at the end of break time?

A: A school bell will ring and members of staff on duty will remind you to start making your way to your lesson.