Relationships and Sex Education

Our Relationships and Sex Education program is embedded within our Personal Development curriculum and is distinct. All students get timetabled lessons fortnightly and form time discussions in addition to assemblies and other input from outside agencies. Click here for the RSE policy. 

We cover the following key statutory areas:


  • Different types of relationships
  • How relationships contribute to human happiness and their importance for bringing up children
  • What marriage is
  • Why marriage is important choice for many couples and why is must be freely entered into
  • The characteristics and legal status of other types of long-term relationships
  • The roles and responsibilities of parents
  • To determine whether other children, adults or sources of information are trustworthy. (e.g. judging whether a a family, friend, intimate or other relationship is unsafe and how to seek help or advice including reporting concerns about others, if needed.

Respectful relationships (including friendships)

  • Characteristics of positive and healthy relationships
  • Different types of relationships
  • Respectful relationships
  • How stereotypes can cause damage
  • Bullying and how to address it
  • Sexual orientation and prejudice
  • Some behaviours within relationships are criminal including violent behaviour and coercive control
  • Sexual harassment and what constitutes it
  • Legal rights and responsibilities regarding equality

Online and media

  • Rights, responsibilities and opportunities online
  • Online risks, including materials that might be shared and the difficulty of removing potentially compromising material online
  • Image based awareness and safety
  • Online support and guidance
  • Pornography and sexual behaviour
  • Online laws
  • How data is generated, collected, shared and used online

Being safe

  • Laws relating to sexual consent
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Grooming
  • Achieving understanding/giving and withdrawing consent


Intimate and sexual relationships including sexual health

  • Positive sexual intimate relationships
  • Healthy choices on sex and relationships
  • Reproductive health
  • Identifying and managing sexual pressure
  • Contraceptive choices and options
  • Safer sex and condom use
  • STI transmission including HIV
  • Importance of and facts about testing
  • STI and treatment
  • Risky behaviours
  • Local services and further advice
  • Pregnancy and miscarriage
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