Music Curriculum

In our Music curriculum we believe we are able to foster the talents and ambitions of all our young people through a knowledge based curriculum.  We have faith in our actions and trust our judgement as we are safe in the knowledge our curriculum is broad, challenging and will holistically develop our students.  Our curriculum is always rooted in Christian teachings: Psalm 119:66 “Teach me knowledge and good judgement for I trust your commands “

Providing every child with a vibrant, creative, cultural Musical experience is the foundation of the Music department. At the forefront of all our planning is an inclusive music curriculum which impacts on the life of every pupil. We provide a range of opportunities that offer an enjoyable, stimulating, creative learning environment in which students perform, compose, listen and appraise a wide range of music (through time and across cultures). Performance is the cornerstone of being a musician and a key focus within our curriculum; therefore, students perform pieces written by established composers alongside their own composition work. We encourage all students to become involved within the wider life of Music; both within school or the community.

Students have a varied musical diet throughout key stage 3 using a range of equipment such as Keyboards for Ostinato or Pentatonic composition work, Djembes and Stomp equipment and Bucket drumming for Rhythm work. Students have opportunities to regularly review their learning in a verbal manner to ensure they are grasping key ideas before moving on. We aim to capitalise on students’ prior knowledge to enable them to link ideas; giving their learning coherence and depth within a practical setting. Feedback from staff is given in the moment and students are expected to act upon it straight away. This is a constant process in practical Music lessons.

As students develop their group work skills we expect them to work in break out spaces encouraging ownership over their learning whilst reinforcing key Music skills. Throughout KS3 we encourage students to become creative thinkers who are able to deal with a range of challenges, preparing for their future.

Music at KS4 focusses on delivering BTEC Level 2 where students develop their knowledge and experience of Music within a professional context. They develop knowledge that prepares them to improve performance skills further, learn about the Music Industry in a detailed manner, manage/create a Music Product and compose music to a set brief.

All students are encouraged to become involved in extracurricular Music activities which take place during or after the school day along with performing in the many concerts and performance opportunities throughout the year.

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB