Equipment list

You will need a full stocked pencil case with the following items:

Pen (black or blue)


Purple pen



Pencil sharpener



(these all need to be in a pencil case)

Other required equipment:

Scientific calculator (we recommend a Casio fx-83GTX)

Coloured pencils

Suitable school bag

Reading book

Knowledge organiser (provided by school)

Art equipment list: 

Good quality A4 sketchbook (can be purchased from the art department for £1 during the first 2 weeks )

Selection of graded art pencils: B, 2B, 4B, 6B 

Black fine liners

Felt tips/sharpie pens

White gel pen

Tin water colour paints 

Fine paintbrushes

Plastic zip clear wallet to keep everything in

Optional Art items:

Print stick 

Acrylic paint set

Oil pastels

Paper smudge stick 


Your equipment is checked every day by a member of staff.