Mobile Phones

no-phonesThe use of Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones, iPods and headphones are not allowed to be used or seen in the school building.
  • Mobile phones are allowed at break and lunchtime in the quad, canteen and outside only.
  • Before the 8.45am bell, mobiles are allowed to be used in the quad, canteen and outside the school building.
  • On entry to the school building at 8.45am, the mobile, iPod or headphones need to be switched off and put in a school bag or inside the pocket of the blazer.
  • Mobiles, iPods and headphones should not be visible on a student. Shirt pockets should not be used to carry such devices.
  • Mobiles will not be allowed to be used in lessons for research, or as a calculator or for telling the time. Students are not allowed to use mobiles as calculators in examinations and we encourage them to have their own scientific calculator for this purpose.

If a mobile, iPod or headphones are seen in the building during school time or not in the designated areas during break and lunch time then it will be confiscated.

Students will be able to collect the item at the end of the school day from the office. Parents will be informed.

If it is seen a second time, parents will have to come and collect the item from the office before 4.30pm (Monday-Thursday) and 4pm (Friday).

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB