RS curriculum

The intention of the Religious Studies curriculum at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School is to spark students’ curiosity whilst building their resilience to matters of identity and Faith in addition to their place in the wider world and society. The structure of the curriculum allows for this through a continuous progression over time, with Key Stage 3 providing the foundation for Key Stage 4 and GCSE Religious studies with all students taking the full course to gain a graded outcome.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum has been designed to ensure that students become fluent in key terms and concepts through a variety of means where they will be able to discuss and explore issues of faith and practice within a modern society. This program of study is delivered across the Liverpool Diocese and standardisation and support is regular and consistent via the network.

 Allowing students to fully understand key religious terms and concepts will allow them a deeper understanding of how religion impacts on individuals, communities and wider society and also affords them the skills to use them fluently and skillfully at Key Stage 4 to fully meet the exam requirements and respond effectively to exam questions. SEND students are supported where required in accessing the content and developing their viewpoints and are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the curriculum as we cover a varied and diverse range of issues. Every student has opinions and experiences that are valid and they are encouraged to share and contrast these within a structured and safe framework to develop understanding of others and tolerance.

At each aspect of their school career new concepts are continually introduced to deepen knowledge and understanding in addition to promoting exploration and self-discovery of how they respond to the issues raised. The topics selected at each stage of the curriculum makes sure that students are sufficiently challenged, but always building upon their prior knowledge to deepen their understanding of how religion impacts the world. Through the curriculum, students are introduced to increasingly complex issues and are able to explore answers to difficult questions.

At Key Stage 4 all students follow the AQA Religious Studies paper and will sit either the full course or the Short course exam. This course covers the study of two religions and a thematic study of moral issues shaping the world today. The course is challenging and inspiring requiring students to actively respond to issues and evaluate the viewpoints and teachings of religions in a modern world, they are required to analyse and reach a justified conclusion on a variety of issues. The skills required at key stage 4 rely on the foundations of key stage 3 and students should be fluent in the concepts and language required to effectively address religious issues and be able to access the examination skills required with confidence and structure.

We enjoy the partnership with other schools within the diocese and participate in regular opportunities which arise to work with other schools and attend student conferences across the Liverpool Diocese. Extra-curricular activities include wellbeing workshops to help build resilience and deal with stress particularly around study and exams, we are privileged to have YFC active within the department and facilitating debate clubs and FRESH where students are able to explore their own spirituality and reflect upon issues in the wider world drawing sensitive and justified conclusions and respecting the views of others that differ from their own.


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