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Undiagnosed Children’s Day

On Friday the 26th of April it was Undiagnosed Children’s Day, in aid of the charity SwanUK, (which stands for Syndromes Without A Name). Undiagnosed Children’s Day is a day to raise awareness of children and young adults in the UK with varying conditions that have yet to receive a diagnosis. Approximately 6,000 children a year are born without a diagnosis in the UK. SwanUK is the only dedicated support network available for families of children and young adults with undiagnosed genetic conditions. In my family I have a younger brother, aged 10, who has an undiagnosed genetic condition. This condition means he cannot walk, talk or barely lift his head up, amongst many other complex needs. He spends a lot of time in and out of hospital, which means he has to go through a lot. This years theme for Undiagnosed Children’s Day was all about being brave like a lion, and my brother certainly is brave with all he has to go through. The charity SwanUK and it’s Undiagnosed Children’s Day help both myself and my family, and I’m very grateful to everyone who raised money on the day to help keep it going. – Jess Smith Year 11 For more information, please visit the Swan UK website:
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