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Rowing Successes

Students at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School were joined by Mark Davies, the Chairman of British Rowing on Friday 29th March. Mark has a strong rowing pedigree and has been involved in the sport since learning to row at Christ’s College, Cambridge. He coxed in two reserve Boat Races, represented England at the Home International Regatta and was a finalist at Henley Royal Regatta. Mark served on the executive committee of Cambridge University Boat Club and founded Crabtree Boat Club in 1995. The Boteler students who participate in the Oarsome Project met with Mark and had the opportunity to ask him questions. They told him of how this project has inspired and motivated them. Head of Year 7 Kerry Hayes, who assist in coaching the students, says “The project has been massive for our students and has exposed them to opportunities that they never thought possible.” We are also celebrating some wonderful news for our Year 10 student, Iffy Marinos, who rows with Warrington Youth Row. Mark informed Iffy that she had received a scholarship at Eton College for a week in the summer holidays! This will be to train there in the gym and on Dorny Lake, where the college team train and where the Olympic rowing events take place. There were only 6 scholarship spaces available for students in the country. Iffy says: “It wasn’t something I was expecting. I am still in a bit of shock.” Boteler Headteacher Mrs Scott-Herron says: “It is a real privilege to be Iffy’s Headteacher and to be a part of her rowing journey. She is exceptionally talented and an inspiration to our younger rowers and her peers. She will definitely be in the Boteler history books and we look forward to seeing her progress within rowing, as her future looks so bright. I really admire Iffy, her spirit and her determination as she never gives up. I am really proud of her and it certainly brought a tear to my eye seeing her reaction.”
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