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Mr Willcock’s Medal Donation

Back in October 2020, Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School’s Attendance Officer Mr Darren Willcock ran the London Marathon’s virtual 40th race – completing the last 6 miles on the school’s field with staff and student runners. On the day, Mr Willcock said “I haven’t done this: we’ve done this. And that’s what we do best at Boteler – we do things together.” As such, Mr Willcock has donated his marathon medal to the school. It has been framed, along with his running number, photos of the runners and the names of every staff and student from the school who ran with Mr Willcock that day.  Upon donating the medal, Mr Willcock said: “When I reflect on that day it fills me with great pride how our school community came together to support one another. Our commitment, dedication and resilience helped us all to the finish line. To be part of the London Marathon 40th race was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and to run with the students and staff was the best possible outcome for me. Not only did we complete the 26.2 miles, but we are also Guinness World Record Holders too. This was for being part of the most runners to run a virtual race. More than 37,000 people, from all corners of the world, completed the race that day. Well done Team Boteler. I am so proud of you all.” Headteacher Mrs Beverley Scott-Herron added: “Everything that Mr Willcock does is for the school, is for the young people, is for charities, is for the community where it’ll make a difference. He is so selfless. He is an amazing ambassador for our school – in terms of being a role model for how human beings should be. His passion and dedication radiate across the whole community. If we had a Boteler mascot, for what the school means and stands for: he would be our mascot. He is our champion. He promotes everything that we believe in.”
Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB