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Boteler duo publish book

Two members of staff from Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England have teamed up to publish a children’s picture book, which will be released on Saturday 8th December. English Teacher Jane Woodcock has written the story in rhyme, about a young lad leaving home to work on the build of the Manchester Ship Canal. Graphic Designer Alice Roberts has produced all the illustrations and artwork. While this is Alice’s 4th children’s book to be published, it is a first for Jane and the book aims to present a real celebration of some key northern history. The Amazon description reads: “This is a story that is 36 miles long and took 6 years to create. The ordinary people who built the North of England feature in these colourful pages. Rooted in a desire to provide for family, Davy experiences friendship, hardship, disaster and joy in the pursuit of his dream to build something big. A tale embedded in the earth, this story celebrates the engineering majesty of the industrial revolution and upraises the unknown champions who enabled it.”

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB