french curriculum

At TCAT, our intention is to provide all students with an accessible, creative & engaging experience of learning a language, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to become resilient & competent linguists.

Our Curriculum is designed based on evidence based research, imitating authentic “real world” language learning as far as possible in a classroom setting with limited time, consequently all content is carefully selected and the sequence of learning is planned meticulously, with the aim of maximising retention of the phonology, vocabulary and grammar points which are taught. 

We aim to make language lessons challenging, productive and meaningful in order to develop confident communicators in the Target Language across a variety of contexts and modalities; consequently, lessons are designed to promote pupils’ development of skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Our aim is for students to become aware of the advantages that learning a language can have, both in their personal and working lives and ensure that a minimum of half the cohort are equipped with a languages GCSE before going to the next stage of their career journey.

Alongside developing linguistic confidence, our objective is to raise awareness of the wider world, developing both linguistic and cultural awareness and understanding, in order to create outward thinking global citizens.

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