Child Causing Concern Procedures

  • Staff/Adult has a concern
  • Complete a Concern referral form and send to the Safeguarding Officer
  • If you feel the child is in immediate danger please inform a member of the Safeguarding Team this referral is in progress and complete the referral ASAP.
  • You will get a response to say this has been received and action is being taken
  • This may involve talking to other members of staff/parents/carers etc. This may be sufficient to allay any concerns and a record is kept on pupil profile notes, further monitoring then takes place.
  • If appropriate other agencies may become involved via an Early Help Assessment.
  • If necessary an immediate referral is made to Social Care following Warrington Safeguarding procedures.

Concerns may result in;

  • School to complete a piece of work and monitor
  • Referral to internal school support i.e. Emotional Health and wellbeing
  • External referral to additional support agencies non child protection
  • Sometimes there will be no further action and school will monitor.
  • Escalation to child protection
  • If appropriate the child is entered onto the school Vulnerable Students Register and we will continue to monitor. If you have any questions about these processes please do not hesitate to contact the Safeguarding Officer at school.

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