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Year 11 Pre-Public Exam

On Friday 11th January at 2:30pm, students at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School received their Pre-Public Exam (PPE) results. These exams were sat in December before the Christmas break. Many of the students received an excellent set of exam results acknowledging the hard work and preparation they have put in. For some students it has given a sharper focus and a sense of urgency about how much work and exam preparation needs to take place from now. Senior Assistant Headteacher Mr Koltan says: “The next set of Pre-Public Exams take place On Monday 4th March – Friday 15th March. This is an opportunity for students to measure the progress they have made from the hard work they have done and will be putting in since December. This is the last time students will be sitting practice exams before the real GCSEs in the summer. Time is of the essence. There are only 65 schools days left until the first GCSE written exams start. Keep working hard Year 11!” And as Deputy Headteacher Mr Kinsey says: “Easy Hard or Hard Easy?”
Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB