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Our Library Opening

Hundreds of students from Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School enjoyed celebrating the reopening of their school library on Thursday with a series of workshops led by local published writer, Rob Parker. Rob is from Warrington and is the author of the Ben Bracken series of novels. Rob gave freely of his time to inspire the next generation of writers with his passion and experience ‘You can be anything you want be in the world of writing. You just have to be yourself and be brave.’

Some comments from students were:

‘Rob was so honest with us in sharing his life story and how he became a writer.’

‘I think Rob is inspirational and that everyone should buy his books’

‘Rob’s message of never giving up on your dreams will stay with us’.

‘We all enjoyed listening to Rob, his amazing books and about his life story.’

‘Rob’s passion about reading and writing was inspirational. I will remember that this can get you anywhere in life’

Mrs Jane Woodcock, Teacher of English  explained: ‘Learning from real-world local writers at such a young age is truly inspirational. We plan for our students at Sir Thomas Boteler to experiencing further writing workshops throughout the academic year – both with Rob – and also fellow local writer Emily Chriscoli as part of our school’s relentless focus on literacy’. 

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB