online learning FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Online Learning

You may have a number of questions about the new way of learning for your child, please see below for further information. If there is something that you still would like clarified then please contact us.

What happens to the work my child has completed to date?

Completed work should be either written in an exercise book, typed on the computer or written on paper. If paper based it need to be filed in subject sections in a lever arch folder. If you have completed work on a computer, it can also be saved to a USB or emailed to your subject teacher.

What about what my child has been learning since closure?

All student learning is invaluable. Tasks set to date have been designed to ensure that our students ‘know more and remember more’. Engaging with the learning process is crucial as it embeds learning in the long-term memory. This learning is important and needs to be retained.

What happens to SMHW now we are using Microsoft Teams?

SMHW still plays an important role in both our learning and communication process. We will continue to put work on SMHWK for the new lessons after Easter but only as a support mechanism whilst students, parents, carers and teachers learn how to familiarise themselves with Microsoft Teams.

So, what Is the main learning platform? SMHW or Teams?

Lessons after Easter will be delivered via Teams and SMHW will be the back up so if there are any access issues students, parents and carers still know they are accessing the correct work.

Some work on SMHW is for deadlines after Easter, what happens to work due in the future that we haven’t done yet?

Work was placed on SMHW for the first ‘phase’ of the lockdown. We needed to know we had enough work on there for all students for the near future. As we move into the next phase of our provision after Easter, the new work set will take priority. Work completed to date remains valuable as explained (question 2).

What if I can’t access Microsoft Teams?

As with SMHW, the ICT team will be available to support any queries at all regarding Microsoft Teams. All questions and queries should initially go to Mr. C. Kinsey at

What if my child doesn’t understand the work set?

As outlined in the parent/carer letter, one of the reasons we moved to Microsoft Teams was because the ability to be interactive. Every teacher has their ‘classes’ on the system. Within each class there is a ‘chat’ facility where students can ask teachers questions if they don’t understand the work. The teacher will be available in ‘real’ time as much as their home circumstances allows. Any queries not answered immediately will be resolved on the day.

What if my child can’t actually be on Microsoft Teams when their timetable states they should be?

We understand that this will happen due to issues with IT devices, WiFi, other siblings etc. As long as students engage with the work at some point within that specified day then the teacher should be able to support. Ideally, this will be during the actual lesson time but do not panic if this isn’t feasible.

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