Student voice

Student Voice represents the opinions and views of our school students.  Through student Voice we are a more democratic place. It allows us to represent student views on issues around our education and our school.

As a body of students we are committed to the idea that students’ views should be considered in all decision-making: in our school, in our community, and on a national level.

Student Voice has five aims that we will achieve:

    • Represent the diversity of Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School students as stakeholders in our school.
    • Provide a space for our students to come together to share and discuss ideas about their education at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School.
    • Represent our students’ interests in the policy making that affects their education.
    • Provide our students with the skills to impact their educational communities.
    • Be run by our students and be accountable to our students.

The Student Leadership Body consists of:

Head Boy and Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl

Lead Prefect

Head of House

Head Boy/ Head Girl

Lead all students in a positive manner and are role models for the school, they participate at school events including open evenings, primary days, and music festivals. They speak to parents/carers and external agencies on students behalf. They lead the School Council.

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl 

Supporting all students and the work of the Head Boy and Girl.  They lead the Eco Council.

Lead Prefect

Managing the prefect system

Head of House

Will lead their house throughout the year, they will organize teams for events, lead regular house assemblies, work in partnership with teachers and work towards winning the trophies throughout the year and the overall house trophy at the end of the year.

Student Council

The student council meets twice every half term and is made up of students from each year. It is led by Head boy and Head girl. They lead on fundraising for charities and school as well as bringing about change for our school the community and national events.

Eco Council

The Eco Council meets twice every half term. It is led by Deputy Head Boy and Girl and supports the work of the TCAT Council as well as developing the school as an Eco school.

TCAT Student Council

This student group is led by Mrs A Mawby and they meet twice a term at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School. Four students are selected from each establishment to sit on the Parliament group. They work together to deliver projects across the TCAT Schools and communities.

Form Representatives

Are the link for year groups to bring about change in a positive manner.

House Captains

Are the representatives in each Year group for their House.


Help to run the school at lunch and at events. They represent a link between the students and staff at the school.

Student Leaders and Ambassadors

Ambassadors are present and active in all Year groups and are trained in leadership skills. They volunteer at school events, work with the primaries and take an active part in the transition programme. We have developed links with Warrington School Sport Partnership and Live Wire and have ran the Level 3 school games at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School and supported the Road to the Gold Coast Primary Event.

‘The Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School young leaders have been tremendous today and we really couldn’t have held the day without them. They have got on with things and really led by example. The whole school should be very proud of them and we will not hesitate to invite future groups of Boteler leaders back’. Live Wire Staff

Health Champions

A group of students who have been trained with the skills in supporting others.

Student panels

Students are involved in interviewing new staff where they run their own interview panel. A Year 10 student commented: “It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the candidates and pass our opinions to the Head before final selection, we felt part of the process and very valued”

Students are randomly selected to talk to Ofsted regarding their teaching and learning at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School. A Year 8 student commented: “It’s a great chance to show off our school and talk about it. It’s fantastic to speak to parents and carers.

Ethos Group

Participates in the spiritual side of school life, contribute to the services and special events around the Christian calendar. Have an active role in the Acts of Random Kindness program (ARK).

As part of the RE curriculum, students have the opportunity to take part in the nationally recognised Archbishop of York award scheme, which was founded here at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School. Students following this course learn about what Jesus taught and will have the opportunity to put faith into practice through practical projects that aim to improve the lives of others.


Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB