RSE Consultation

As you may already be aware, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), along with Health Education, will soon be forming part of the National Curriculum. This change begins as of September 2020.

As part of our school’s wider Personal Development, your child will soon receive lessons on relationships, sexual health and personal safety, both within the allocated curriculum time and also during tutor time.

The purpose of the upcoming curriculum is to provide knowledge and understanding of safe and healthy relationships based on respect. This is to encourage the development of safe and healthy relationships throughout life. The subject is designed to help children from all backgrounds build positive and safe relationships, and to thrive in modern Britain.

Schools are required to consult with parents when developing and reviewing their policies for Relationships Education and RSE, which will inform schools’ decisions on when and how certain content is covered.

Any questions should be directed to


Click here for the RSHE Parent Presentation

Click here for the RSE_secondary_schools_guide_for_parents


See below for the DFE statutory guidance and information regarding the changes (Relationships Education Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education):

The new curriculum will be mandatory from September 2020.


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