Rememberence Service 2013

This letter was received by Mr Timmis, after his visit to our Remembrance Service on 11th November.

 As always, many thanks for inviting the BGS Old Boys to be with the school at this service.

It was, as always, a poignant occasion and one that I know means a great deal to the students – as could be seen from the contributions by several of them to the prayers, the readings and the music.

I especially enjoyed the chance to speak with some of the students afterwards – especially the Head Girl, Clarise, and Head Boy, Sam. As I said at the time, seeing the dissertations or projects that some of the

Year Nine students had done on the 1914-18 War demonstrated the depth in which this subject has been studied and reflects a good deal of credit upon them and their tutors.

The display of the names of former Botelerians who died in the various conflicts is always a poignant moment, and one name that stood out was the only staff-member to have died . . . . K. Abbott, who was killed in the sinking of HMS Hood. I know of at least one Old Boy who recalls Mr Abbott, even at this late stage.

He, the Old Boy in question, is about 88.

Just to close : on the subject of former Botelerians active “on the world stage”, some of the current students might like to reflect (as another Ashes series begins) that George Duckworth, who was the second-string wicketkeeper to Bob Wyatt in the notorious “bodyline” series of the 1930s, was an Old Boy !

With warmest wishes to you, the staff and students.

Bob Timmis

On behalf of BGS Old Boys

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB