Overview of subject

Each child at KS3 participates in 4 compulsory Physical Education lessons over a two week timetable and 2 per two week timetable in KS4. In KS3 there are generally 3 groups; boys group, girls group and mixed gender group.

Pupils participate in  the following activities:- Football, Netball, Rugby League, Gymnastics, Dance, Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Rounders, Cricket, Athletics and Fitness. Pupils are taught the skills for each activity and for games play a modified version building up to the full version with rules.

In KS4 pupils complete lessons in a more recreational manner with the intention of fostering a love of physical activity once they leave school.

5 Ways to support your child

Ensure they have clean PE kit on the correct days (including socks, shorts, polo shirt, rugby shirt, appropriate footwear, including football boots)

Provide your child with breakfast

Encourage your child to join after school activities and practise outside of school

Expect your child to demonstrate resilience when participating in physical activity

Please communicate all injuries with your child’s teacher, via a note in their planner


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