The Lion King

I don’t know if you have noticed how much of the Christian faith is embedded in many Disney cartons. Over the next few weeks I thought it might be instructive to see how many references we can find. In this issue I thought we could start with the Lion King.

Simba has been tricked into thinking he is responsible for his father’s death. He runs away and spends the next few years in exile, while his uncle Scar rules over the pride. Simba feels guilty, ashamed and is reduced to living on bugs that Timon and Pumbaa bring him. It is then that Rafiki appears and talks to him of his father. Simba senses his father speaking to him, saying ‘you are more than what you have become.’ With those words ringing in his ears Simba returns to the pride to reclaim his throne.

The bible tells us that we are also in exile, out of relationship with God, feeling guilty for the things we have done and surviving more than experiencing the life that God wants us to have. The bible calls us to turn back and reclaim the life that God wants us to have, ‘we are more than what we have become.’

The parable tells us that we are not to be slaves to our past but masters of our future. This week write down all the areas of your life, those parts you are happy about, the things you don’t like and the bits that don’t bother you at all. Spend a moment thinking how you could make more of the good and minimize the effect of the bad. Consider how you could change those darker parts of your life to make them good news stories. Remember ‘you are more…’ more precious, more inspiring, more talented and able than you think you are. Jesus wants you to have life in all its fullness – the opportunity is there, will you take it?

John Harries (Chaplain)

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB