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School Uniform from September 2015Uniform-edit-girl

With effect from the start of the new school year, September 2015, there will be some uniform changes.

School Tie

I have decided to introduce a new school tie; it is a navy blue tie with the crest just below the knot; it will be a clip on tie and not one that needs to be tied by the student. I am sure that this will improve the standard of uniform as top buttons will need to be closed for the tie to be clipped on. In addition, the simplified design has resulted in a lower purchase cost. All shirts however must have a top button. Open neck shirts are not permitted.

Currently, ties can only be purchased from school and this will continue to be the case. It has been agreed that the first tie purchased by any student will cost £3; this applies to our new intake right through to our current Year 10 (who will be Year 11). If another tie is required either for a spare or because the first tie is lost then the cost will be £5.

It is anticipated that a sample will be available to view at the Year 6 evening, 30 June 2015 but the new tie will not be available to purchase from school until August 2015; I will keep you informed of our progress.

School Skirt

The second and final item of uniform to be changed is the school skirt, as I have previously communicated in the Boteler Bulletin. The rationale behind this is at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School we have the highest expectations for our students and this includes uniform and appearance. The school skirts on the high street vary in style and length and it is difficult to purchase one that is knee length. I feel that it will be much easier to standardise our uniform with the introduction of our own school skirt and therefore there are no discrepancies over style or length.

I joined a team of students who carried out some market research within the school community and the decision has been made to change from a black school skirt to the Oakleigh tartan pleated skirt; this will be supplied by Price & Buckland. It is made of polyester viscose and has an adjustable waist with a zip at the back; it is available in one length only of 55cm (22”).

The school skirt length must not be altered or tampered with in any way.

The introduction of one skirt length will make this easy for us to check. I have had overwhelming support from parents/carers regarding the change to the school skirt and your support is very much appreciated.

The skirt will be available to buy online from Price & Buckland and a link will be put on our website when the skirts are available. In addition Price & Buckland are hosting “pop up shops” where the Oakleigh school skirt can be tried on and purchased. The dates have yet to be finalised and again I will keep you informed as arrangements progress.

Initially, school will hold limited stocks for anyone who is not able to order online and cannot visit school on the “pop up shop” days.

The price of the skirt depends on the waist size purchased and the method of purchase.

Purchase online from Price & Buckland and have the goods delivered

Waist 55cm (22”) to 65cm (26”) £17.00 plus £5 p&p Waist 70cm (28”) to 110cm (44”) £17.00 plus 20% vat plus £5 p&p

Purchase online from Price & Buckland and have the goods delivered to school, purchase at the “pop up shop” or purchase stock from school

Waist 55cm (22”) to 65cm (26”) £14.95 Waist 70cm (28”) to 110cm (44”) £14.95 plus 20% vat

If you order online from Price & Buckland and indicate that you will wait for the next delivery to school your order will be despatched, clearly labelled with the student name and can be collected from the Main Office. Over the summer break school is open Monday-Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm and Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm.

This option will only be available over the summer break; it will not continue into September.

I can appreciate that there is a cost attached to a new school skirt but it is good quality and looks very smart. I have also made sure that the cost of the new tie is reduced to £3 for a first time purchase as I appreciate that uniforms are expensive.

I am sure you can see the raising of Expectations, Aspirations and Standards since September and our new elements of uniform are embedding our vision further not only in school but within the wider community. Our students are smart, dedicated and ready to learn.

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB