mfl key stage 4

MFL2All students follow the AQA French GCSE course.

They also use the AQA Revision Guide and Workbook for private study to consolidate their learning in school.

Homework is set weekly.

In Year 9 all pupils who have opted for French have 4 x one-hour lessons per fortnight.

They consolidate their KS3 learning and work hard to improve their knowledge of higher-level vocabulary while furthering their understanding of grammar.

Assessment in Year 9 requires pupils to write and speak on topics from memory, in preparation for the style of assessment currently used at GCSE.

In Year 10 pupils have 4 x one-hour lessons per fortnight.

In Year 11 pupils have 5 x one-hour lessons per fortnight.

They continue to develop their language skills in a variety of contexts. As they progress linguistically they will be expected to cope with a greater degree of unpredictability, and to understand and use a widening range of vocabulary and structures.

Pupils are assessed by examination in the skills of reading and listening, each worth 20% of the final mark and by coursework in speaking and writing, each worth 30% of the final mark.

Intervention for all KS4 pupils is offered after school every Tuesday and Wednesday.

A Department day trip to Boulogne takes place at the end of the summer term. Pupils enjoy putting their language skills into practice while shopping at a local market and visiting a chocolate factory. They also have the opportunity to make their own pancakes at a local crêperie.

Year 9

Topics studied include family descriptions, parts of the body and feeling ill, holiday plans, opinions, directions, clothes, pocket money preferences and relationships.

Years 10 and 11

The main areas of study covered are as follows: Lifestyle, Leisure, Home & Environment and Work & Education.


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