mfl key stage 3
MFL2All pupils study French for 5 x one-hour lessons per fortnight following the Expo course book.

Homework is set weekly and will often be learning of vocabulary to be tested in class.

In Year 7 pupils are given opportunities to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in order to be able to communicate with increasing confidence and independence. Alongside more formal activities, all pupils are encouraged to express themselves through a variety of games and songs, as well as in group and pair work. There is also a strong literacy focus to help pupils manage more generic language learning strategies.

In Year 8, pupils continue to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills while increasing their key vocabulary and cultural awareness. Pupils focus on improving their grammatical knowledge to include past and/or future tenses in their work.

Pupils are assessed in all four skills at the end of every module.

How to help your child progress in MFL at KS3

  • Test your child regularly on spellings and vocabulary
  • Encourage your child to use his/her vocabulary list for support
  • Encourage your child to use Linguascope regularly (they have been given the username and password)
  • Encourage your child to read their teacher’s feedback and act upon it.
    • Ask your child to proofread his / her finished work

French club is held each Wednesday from 2.50 – 3.50. All KS3 pupils are welcome to come and join in the fun. Pupils’ cultural awareness is improved through a variety of activities, which include food tasting, playing games and learning new songs.

Year 7 Topics studied include personal information, numbers, date, classroom objects, my family, giving descriptions, where I live, leisure activities, places in town, simple directions, food and drink. Year 8 Topics studied include daily routine, school timetables, French school life, after school activities, hobbies and sports, holidays, opinions.


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