Numeracy Action Plan

Overview of subject

5 Ways to support your child

Ensure your child has a scientific calculator, ruler, compass and protractor

Be positive about maths and reinforce how important a good qualification is in this subject

Ask them to talk through what they are required to do for homework tasks

Encourage your child to take pride in their work

Reinforce how important it is to show working out not just writing the answer

Homework overview KS3

Students will be set 4 homework tasks over a two weeks cycle. Two of these tasks may be from MyMaths with the remaining two tasks being written.

Homework overview KS4

Students will be set 5 homework tasks over a two week cycle. Two of these tasks may be from Method Maths. The remaining three tasks will be written exercises. In year 10 and 11 these tasks are likely to be past exam type questions very similar to those that will be assessed in the final exams at the end of year 11.

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Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB