Year 8 Reading List
Harry Potter series – JK Rowling Educating Rita – Willy Russell
Why is Snot Green? by Glenn Muphy
Robots, Chips and Techno Stuff by Glenn Murphy
Will We Ever Speak Dolphin? by New Scientist
Van Gogh (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists) by Mike Venezia
Abracadabra Flute by Various
Guiness Book of Records by Various
Mary Poppins in the kitchen.  By P.L.Travers.
James & the giant peach.  By Roald Dahl.
Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory. By  Roald Dahl.
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.   By Judi Barrett.
12 Years a Slave, Solomon Northup
Roots, Alex Haley
Unity: Assassin’s Creed Book 7   (French Rev)   by Anton Gill  Geography
Wild Weather by John Lynch
Our Living Earth by Yann Arthus-Bertrand Read a quality newspaper once a week RS, PSHE and Citizenship
Boxen – CS Lewis Peace Maker – Malorie Blackman The boy in the Striped Pyjamas  The Clour War – Jodi Picoult French
Madame Pamplemousse and her Incredible Edibles by Rupert Kingfisher
Christopher Columbus: The Voyage that Changed the World by Emma Carlson Berne
Asimov – All the troubles of the world Computational Fairy Tales Paperback – by Jeremy Kubica  Bill Gates – the road ahead Steve Jobs – The biography Hackers: Hero’s of the Computer Revolution The Facebook Effect – David Kirkpatrick Maths
The number devil – Hans Enzensberger Maths girls – Hiroshi Yuki Murderous Maths – Kjartan Poskitt
Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB