Reboo is a website providing digital, ‘ready to use’ material each week, perfect for form times or small groups. Through RETHINKING and REBOOTING the ‘assembly space’ in schools,  a new platform has been created where young people can be inspired, stay engaged and most importantly where they can respond to and discuss life’s deep questions.

What students and staff think…

Some testimonials of how students and staff think REBOO has enhanced the ‘assembly space’ in their schools.

Jacqui O’Connor Assistant Head:

Reboo is a colourful and dynamic website that I can confidently pick up and instantly project on the IWB if I am covering a tutor group at short notice; with minimal planning needed the resource is unbeatable for delivering small-group assemblies to a ‘vertical tutor group’ where the materials need to engage students aged 11 to 16. Also I find Reboo invaluable in planning for whole school assemblies. The range of activities and thought provoking images, words and reflections mean that I can have plenty of materials linked to the theme but can still leave loads for tutors to use for follow up discussions and in-depth reflection on non-assembly days.

 Leanne, Year 9 student:

Being a fairly new student to the school I thought Reboo was a really warm welcome to the school it helped me get to know people. I would definitely say Reboo assemblies are much better than the assemblies I had at my old school because we have class discussions about really influential topics and we can all get involved through the class discussions. I got to know people through the assemblies which are very interactive we also watch videos, read stories and we finish the assembly with a prayer. The videos we watch and the stories we’ve read have really made a change in my life, They have also changed my attitude towards people. I now think twice before opening my mouth and saying something unkind. Reboo are really unique, I like the fact that the teacher does not have to be doing all the assembly. I recommend Reboo for all ages.

Paul, Chaplain:

Reboo has helped us with our form time worship in a number of ways. For the students It has really given them loads of opportunities to think about how the Bible and its teachings is relevant to them. The students talk of its relevance to them and the ‘right now’ nature of the content. It has provided excellent engagement for the students during form time worship. For staff it provides a ready made easy to use set of worship resources. As the material is so well prepared staff can deliver it without a great deal of preparation time which is an obvious benefit. As a result of its easy access we have found that the worship content of our form times has increased and is almost double with the introduction of Reboo. For me as a chaplain I am delighted that the worship content of form time has increased. I am also very happy with the way conversations inspired by Reboo continue through out the day and week. The Biblical content linked with relevant presentation means that staff and students are engaging with the Bible in a thought provoking way. The value for money that we get is just fantastic as there is no way I could produce that many resources, of that quality, in the time I have available. It is a wonderful resource that I would heartily recommend to anyone.

Maria, Year 7 student:

I think Reboo is good because it makes you think about other people.  It is never, ever boring, it always gives you a positive feeling when you go to your first lesson.

Student comments aged between Year 7 and Year 11:

The Reboo assemblies are well written, understanding how to relate to the students and also the teachers. The topics have a lasting effect on us. The presentation of the assembly is well planned and the pictures and videos flow perfectly together.

I enjoy Reboo, the topics are interesting and it makes you think about things in your life.

Reboo is excellent, a good way to start the day that’s what I say (oh my gosh that rhymes)

I think Reboo is a good way for people to think together as a group and helps people be more confident to speak. It also helps by giving advice on what to do in life.

I think Reboo is very effective because it helps tutor groups get closer together.

Reboo is  a great way to start the week. The assemblies always give good life lessons and they always relate to my everyday life. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t enjoy the assemblies. They are a great part of the week.

Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School by STB