English Key Stage 3

5 Ways to support your child

  • Attend parents’ evening to discuss progress with class teacher
  • Support parental inclusion tasks in independent studies
  • Support completion of independent study tasks
  • Support spelling, grammar and punctuation at appropriate opportunities
  • Track progress throughout the year using working at assessment grids


Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Non-fiction writing

Autumn 2 Modern fiction

Spring 1 Spoken Language

Spring 2  Multicultural poetry

Summer 1 The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Summer 2 Non-fiction reading


Year 8 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Descriptive and narrative writing

Autumn 2 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Spring 1 Speeches

Spring 2 War poetry

Summer 1 Reading and writing exam preparation

Summer 2 Our Day Out by Willy Russell

Year 9 will appear here next year.

Key Stage 3 homework overview

Each half term, pupils will complete an independent study. Each study is tailored to a different set of skills: the skills are assessed through a range of tasks that include parental inclusion and challenge tasks. The purpose of each study is to help lay the foundations for Key Stage 4 and GCSE, which will begin in year 9. The independent studies give opportunities to develop some of the key skills needed to gain an excellent grade at GCSE. All independent studies can be found on the VLE English home page.


Assessment (What it will be on and when eg) data collection points WA1 etc)

Year 7 and 8

Pupils are assessed for reading and writing skills each half term. In line with the school’s assessment policy, pupils will have continuous opportunities to reflect, focus on teacher comments, and improve their work. Each working at assessment will be a holistic overview of where the pupil is at that particular point in the academic year.


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