Design Technology Key Stage 4


Year 9 Overview

Child Development: Part One ‘The Family’ Section.

  1. The Family
  2. Roles within the Family
  3. Planning a Family
  4. Reproduction
  5. Contraception
  6. Pre-conceptual Care
  7. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
  8. Genetic Counselling
  9. Conception: the Start of a new life
  10. The Baby’s Support System
  11. Development of the Foetus During Pregnancy
  12. Multiple Pregnancies
  13. Pregnancy
  14. Antenatal Care
  15. Testing During pregnancy
  16. Screening and Diagnostic Tests
  17. Problems During Pregnancy
  18. A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy
  19. A Healthy Lifestyle During Pregnancy
  20. Planning the Birth
  21. The Birth
  22. Types of Pain Relief
  23. Technology and Medical Assistance During Birth
  24. Preparation for the Baby


Year 9 Overview

Product Design.

Students will complete a mini GCSE style project based on storage solutions.

Students will expand their working knowledge of workshop machinery including the safe operation and use of the wood lathe.


Food Technology: Multicultural Project

 The knowledge, understanding and confidence to cook meals at home

 An understanding of how to economise when planning a meal

 An ability to transfer skills learned to different recipes

 An ability to inspire others by transferring that knowledge

  • Research on countries and their cultural differences
  • Analyse equipment from around the world
  • Practical projects include (British bake off, Christmas project, Easter project and outlet project based around a chosen country)

Year 10 overview

Child Development: Part Two ‘Care of the Child’ and Controlled Assessment (Research Task worth 20% of final overall grade).

  1. The New Born Baby
  2. Handling a New Born Baby
  3. Special Care Babies
  4. Post-Natal Care
  5. A Healthy Diet
  6. Breast-feeding
  7. Bottle feeding
  8. Weaning
  9. Feeding Older babies and young children
  10. Influences on food choices
  11. Junk food and Labelling
  12. Food related Problems
  13. Bath time
  14. Nappies
  15. Toilet Training
  16. Safety
  17. Preventing Accidents
  18. Safety Outdoors
  19. Clothing and footwear
  20. Childcare Provision
  21. Child Health
  22. Infectious Diseases
  23. Childhood Ailments
  24. Care of the Sick Child
  25. First Aid

Year 10 overview

Product Design:

Students will be introduced to the range of board set tasks and will choose an appropriate design task.

Students will be started on the design folio and will cover the following sections:

Design Brief

Mood board / design inspiration

Initial secondary research such as looking at the work of famous designers.

Primary research including researching and selecting an appropriate Target Market Group (TMG)

Looking at existing products

Product Disassembly and anthropometric research

TMG questionnaire and analysis

Ergonomic research

Material Research

Initial ideas

Annotated ideas

Food Technology


Pastry project

Cook chill project

Christmas project

Easter baking

Outlet cooking (multicultural theme)




Product analysis

Target market

Plans and organisation


Smart foods

Special diets

Year 11 overview

Child Development: Part Three ‘Development of the Child’ and a Controlled Assessment Child Study (study of a child aged 0-5 years over a number of 4 visits worth 40% of overall grade).

  1. Understanding Development
  2. Physical Growth
  3. Looking at Physical Development
  4. Encouraging Physical Development
  5. Intellectual Development
  6. What is Cognitive Development?
  7. Language and Communication
  8. Reading, Drawing and Writing
  9. Social and Emotional Development
  10. Self-image and Self-Esteem
  11. Behaviour
  12. An Overview of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development
  13. Play
  14. Toys and Other Playthings
  15. Books
  16. Television, Videos, DVD’s and computers
  17. Special Children
  18. Special Children and their Families
  19. Toys and Play for Children

Product Design

Year 11 overview

Students will complete their Design Folio and complete the manufacture of their chosen design.

From May onwards students will concentrate on revision and preparation for their written paper.

Food Technology


Multicultural project this is based around one country. Each student will cook between 6-10 products.

Modification exam: each pupil will modify four elements of one particular product. These modifications will include four changes.

Final practical exam: pupils will create and present a final course to be served in a restaurant.


  • Functions of ingredients
  • Manufacturing specification
  • Survey and evaluation
  • Research plan
  • Write ups for initial cooks
  • 8 drawing with annotation
  • Development write ups 1-4
  • Final design (3D drawing)
  • Stages of manufacture for final cook
  • Specifications and comparisons
  • Final write up
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