Religious Studies



This is a Church of England school established on the teaching and practice of the Christian faith. A Christian education is provided that recognises both the importance of Christian values and faith and the need to understand the attitudes and values of other beliefs. Religious Studies or R.A.V.E. (Religions; Attitudes; Values & Ethics) as we call the subject in our school, is one of the core subjects of the curriculum for all pupils in Years 7 to 11. All students study statutory RS lessons, and those with an aptitude for RS will get the opportunity to achieve a Full or Short Course GCSE in this subject.

A weekly act of form worship is held as part of every student’s entitlement. We have close ecumenical links with four churches, all within walking distance of the school, holding special services and events to mark the Christian festivals. It is expected that all pupils will attend the acts of worship. Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from RS and collective/form worship; if you wish to discuss this please contact the Headteacher. Students are given the opportunity to attend reflection events, such as ‘Holocaust Memorial Day,’ to consider their own spirituality.

It is possible to arrange for Confirmation lessons within the school for those seeking to explore their Christian commitment. Confirmation services are held annually at St. Elphins and Christchurch, Latchford. Students are also encouraged to participate in activities that express Christian values and personal responsibility, such as work in the local community and fundraising for charities e.g. Christian Aid and The Eve Appeal.


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