IT, Computing & Business Studies KS4

5 Ways to support your child

Use the exam boards’ websites as a resource. The exam boards have easy to find past papers and specimen papers which are useful to study. They also have detailed specifications which explain what candidates are supposed to know.

Encourage them to read around the subject as much as possible, again the exam board specification is an excellent place to start for research ideas.

When they have a problem solving homework and cannot get started, ask them to write down what they are thinking instead and try to explain what they do not understand. Make sure they spend the proper amount of time on the problem and do not give up straight away.

Encourage them to find out how computers and other systems work. Get them to sketch diagrams for you showing how the different parts of a system interact with each other.

Encourage them to find tutorials online and use them to improve their understanding. There are many useful YouTube videos on programming and business concepts.

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