10 day behaviour focus

10 day Behaviour Focus

From the 1st February to 12th February 2016 we will be having a further push on improving behaviour and attitudes to learning across the school. The journey continues in our mission to achieve the highest possible standards, ultimately improving progress and attainment.

During the 10 day focus, if any student has caused disruption to the learning to the extent where they have been removed from the classroom in accordance with the Behaviour For Learning steps then they will be required to complete a one hour detention on the same evening. A text message will be sent to inform parents/carers of this.

Within the Behaviour Policy there is the following section on detentions:


A key element of sanctions will be detentions. These may be given when there is a breach of school discipline. The member of staff must act reasonably and the punishment must be proportionate when imposing a detention, as with any disciplinary penalty. When imposing detentions, we follow the guidance from the DFE (Behaviour and discipline in schools – Advice for headteachers and school staff – February 2014).

Detentions will be imposed when other behaviour management tools have been unsuccessful. Teachers will use detention time to conduct restorative conversations.

Parents and carers should note that:

  • Teachers have a legal power to detain students
  • Detentions can be held at break and lunchtime without notifying the parent/ carer
  • With break and lunchtime detentions, staff should allow reasonable time for the student to eat, drink and use the toilet
  • Detentions should be supervised. Students should not be made to stand outside classrooms or the staffroom
  • Parental consent is not required for detentions. Where possible, detentions will be carried out on the same day; however, parents will be contacted by telephone to confirm this arrangement
  • When deciding the timing, the teacher should consider whether suitable travel arrangements can be made by the parent/carer for the student. It does not matter if making these arrangements would create inconvenience for the parent. However, a detention should not be sanctioned should the student’s safety be compromised
  • All members of staff, including support staff can impose detentions
  • After school detentions should be avoided if the student is a young carer or there are other serious mitigating circumstances. In such situations the detention would be deemed unreasonable.

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