The school council

The School Council – fun, exciting, meaningful

The school Council System consists of 4 areas:

Whole school council – Led by Head Boy and Head Girl. The council is made up of a student member from Year 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 council and is supported by Mrs A Mawby (Assistant head).

Year council – Each form selects a form representative who sits on the year council. Supported by a member of staff.

Ethos Group – Application through RE lessons. Supported by Mrs K Coleclough / Mrs S Rostron.

Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award – Year 7 and 8 students are part of this and are supported by Mrs K Coleclough /Mrs S Rostron.

Are you interested in having a say in school life? Are you passionate about the distinctive nature and special quality of our school? Is the wider life of the school appealing to you? Do you want to make a positive contribution to wider school life and the local community? If so than Youth Leadership is for you!

Consider joining the school council and have your say, there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in and they will all give you valuable skills for later in life.

Whole School Council- The School Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our school. An effective School Council will contribute to the social, political and citizenship education of our students. It will gather student opinion on matters that concern them and the school (student voice) as well as acting as a main body of communication between the students and the leadership team of the school.

Year Council – Develop awareness of national events through advertising and fundraising. Support the year council charity; deliver assemblies on national events and the charity.

Ethos Group – Participate in the spiritual side of school life, contribute to the services and special events around the Christian calendar. Have an active role in the Acts of Random Kindness program (ARK).

Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award (AoY) – Initially part of the KS3 Religious Studies program this exciting opportunity will see young people involved actively in the school and local community. Examples include the Christmas party for the elderly, visiting St Rocco’s hospice and lots of charity work. We will need older pupils to mentor the new year 7s as they attempt their projects in the summer term.

TCAT Parliament – Consists of 4 students from each TCAT establishment. They meet once every half term to develop projects. Meetings are held at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School.




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