Key Stage 3 Assessment and Progress

Measuring the progress of each student is important to us at Sir Thomas Boteler Church of England High School in order to ensure that we can provide support, stretch and challenge as appropriate to meet the needs of all students.  Key to this is how we assess; the right content, at the right time, in the right way.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 our students will undergo three formal assessments each academic year.  The outcomes of these assessments will be reported to parents.  These assessments are called ‘Working At’ (WA) and will assess all of the knowledge and skills that students’ have learned to date.  This gives a really accurate picture of the strengths and areas for development of each student and the progress they are making towards their end of school estimate (traditionally known as a target).  Students will either be ‘Below’, ‘Achieving’ or ‘Exceeding’ their estimate.

This area of the website contains an ‘Assessment Map’ for each WA Assessment in each subject area.  Students are also provided with a Personal Learning Checklist that will enable them to track their own progress in each subject.  The expectation is that students and parents use these to start preparing for each WA Assessment well in advance – constant revision and practice is the surest way to fully embed skills and knowledge required to secure excellent achievement at KS4.

Each WA Assessment is given the same rigorousness as if it was the final exam in Year 11.  Maths, English and Science will be sat in an exam venue and other subjects in classrooms but given the same consideration as if it were an exam venue.  This is to prepare students for examinations in Year 11 so that the process is very familiar and embedded.  Students are expected to turn up for all assessments with the correct equipment and fully prepared.

Please navigate using the subject links below to view the Assessment Maps and Personal Learning Checklists.

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